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Here are just a few of the testimonies we have received from happy clients who enjoyed the dancing.

(Click on the thumbnails to enlarge)           (Photograhy by Vicky Spence)


"There are a lot of Ceilidth bands around in Scotland but Two Left Feet are genuinely the real deal. Aside from stunning music of the highest quality they were very attentive and listened to what we wanted for our special event. I have no doubt that each of the band members in their own right would be fantastic solo performers on any stage and together the whole ensemble was fantastic and helped along with a very personable caller who made our life easy when dancing. I can't recommend them highly enough and thank you for being the hallmark of our event."
Stephen Lochhead
11th August 2007
Hi Derrick
Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to all of you for the fantastic music at our wedding and for coming all of that way, hope you got home ok!.
The wedding went off better than we could ever have hoped for and the celidih perfectly completed our day. Hard to believe that all those months of planning are over and we are finally married!.
Thanks again
Rachel and Gary


Dear Derrick,
I am writing to thank you and the other members of Two Left Feet for the fantastic job you did at our wedding reception at Mabie House on January 5th. I am embrarrassed that this thank you is 3 months late and am keen to emphasise that this is a symptom of our disorganisation (and bafflement at how quickly time has passed since January.) and not of a lack of gratitude.
We had a fantastic day and were so pleased with how the evening went and this was largely down to the atmosphere that Two Left Feet created. You were a fantastic choice for evening entertainment (as I said to you in an email before, I've had Two Left Feet pencilled in for wedding evening entertainment since I was 16 and you played at the first ever ceilidh I went to at Dumfries High School around 1995/1996ish?...! So no pressure for you there in terms of expectations...!)
 Your caller (generally regarded as quite a 'dude' you should tell him... the hat and chilled approach I think!?) was great and relaxed; the music and dancing was just what we wanted (despite the fact that after all that time we never did  get to meet you prior to the event, you were though very calming and helpful on the phone prior to the event and sorting out with Colman on the evening itself, thank you for that). People (Irish, English and Scottish alike) really enjoyed themselves. I love a ceilidh and whilst I discovered a big frock does little to enhance your ability to ceilidh dance (!... too much being stood on..) I have such great memories of our friends and relatives dancing and of doing the slower dances, particularly the last waltz. Whilst some of my younger relatives enjoyed the bit of disco music at the very end, for  other people, the evening was made by the fact that some of the band stayed on and played in the other bar at Mabie when the disco started in the main room, it created such a great atmosphere and I won't forget how relaxed Lionel and Nick (I looked them up on your website to find out their names!) were at the very end of the night, not only tolerating the guitar-stealing very good humouredly when my brother decided it was time for him to sing (!)but also what amazing musicians they are to be able to join in with him and make his songs sound so different. We've a wee recording of it on our home-made dvd and the tin whistle and fiddle sound amazing. A suitably whistful sound for the end of our wedding day.
Its a job and you get paid I know but as far as we're concerned you provide amazing value....We've been to three wedding where the band was border line hostile  Bands at weddings should make people feel happy. We were delighted to have such a laid back, fantastic sounding band play.....
..... I'm sure you have played many weddings and other events before and since and our wedding is a distant, blurry memory at this stage but, for us, your band helped provide us with great memories of the only wedding day we'll have. That's no small thing, you do a great job and we're very grateful for it.  Thank you.
Wishing you and all of 2Left Feet every good thing for the future.
Anna & Colman


Hi Derrick,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your band for the best night of ceilidh dancing ever. We had the most amazing night and so did our guests; your music went down an absolute treat and I think we may have quite a few Aussie enthusiasts, although I don't think that they realised it was an extreme sport!

Best wishes

Sarah and Rohan
from Melbourne, Australia
Mabie House Hotel. 6th July 2012.


Dear Derrick,
I am aware that this is a VERY late email, but I just wanted to say thank you for playing at our wedding at Easterbrook hall in July last year.
All our guests said how much fun they had and how fantastic the music was.
We watched our wedding video recently, and I have to say that I agree 100% with the guests - the music really was brilliant! We truly had a wonderful day and will certainly recommend 'Two Left Feet' to everyone!  I do have a thank you card for you, so if you could email me your address I'd like to send it to you.Sorry again for the lateness of this email, but thank you very much!

 Jonathan and Heather Scott (nee Colquhoun)



many thanks for a wonderful night (Tracey and Dom's wedding 20th January) The music was great and really made it a special occasion for us all.Thanks again to you and your band,

Wendy Baxter.


Hi Derrick
Just wanted to say a big thank-you to "Two Left Feet" for such a fantastic night.So many people have commented on how brilliant the band was!
A big thank you also for your support re charity. The total amount raised for Breast Cancer Care, Scotland was 1000! After such a great birthday, raising that much money was the icing on the cake!
Thank you all once again.
Pam Mellor

Hi Derrick

A somewhat belated thank you to you and your band members for the great night we had at our wedding reception on 14th August 2010 at the Moffat House Hotel. We really enjoyed your music and were so pleased by how many of our guests threw themselves into dancing! I'm sure the excellent caller played in big part in that. I have attached a photo which one of our guests took, which I thought you might like.

Best wishes

Zoe Lethbridge


Dear Derrick and all the band,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving us such an absolutely fantastic ceilidh at our wedding.
It was such a joy to see everyone having such fun and you got everyone involved so wonderfully. The first dance worked really well in the end so thanks for your creativity with that one!
We have some fabulous pictures and memories of course.
You are such a terrific band and really made our evening a very special one so thank you again, we can't thank you enough.
Best wishes,
Heather and Daniel Joy
(wedding on May 5th, colvend)





My wife and I had the pleasure of Two Left Feet playing at our Dumfries
wedding in 2002, they were quite fabulous then and made for a brilliant
evening for 140 wedding guests . I recently reached a milestone birthday and asked them to play for us again, this time in Edinburgh, Sept 2013. They did not disappoint . The music was excellent and Two Left Feet judged the mood and the tempo of the party to perfection. As the evening progressed the intensity of the music increased and everyone from first timers to the more experienced danced their shoes off ! The music continued for 2 hours and finished with the fabulous Strip The Willow that was completely mesmerising. Two Left Feet energised the entire evening and made for a fantastic memory.
A fabulous Ceilidh band playing quality music, professional and courteous.
They thoroughly enjoyed playing and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. I look forward to doing it all again.

Neal Fleming.

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